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Worship / Study Opportunities

  Sunday School:    9:15 AM
  Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM
  [Communion on 1st Sundays]

  Wednesday Study: 6:00 PM
  [Check with office for content]
Choir Rehearsal: 7:00 PM

The roots of Christian worship go back to the early church - and even before that. Worship was a time and place where folks came to celebrate the works of God in their lives and in the events around them (past, present, and future). Worship liturgy is a pattern of worship where we come into the presence of a Holy God as a corporate group of believers - and yes, not-yet-believers as well.

In the early Christian church, this wa characterized by prayers, psalms, and scriptures both read and recited aloud.  It was both ceremonial and sacramental.  It is this sense of the holy that is needed in worship, and can be found in many forms and functions of the modern-day church service.

In our desire and practice, we seek the holiness of God in worship, deed, and personally.  In the 10:30am Sunday service, you can expect psalms, prayers, active participation with those leading worship (lead worshippers, not worship leaders), music - both corporate and solo, and reading from God's Word where you are not just hearers, but share in dialog with the pastor during message time.  After all, we come to worship not just to be ministered to, but to see how we can be shaped and molded into disciples that will make other disciples.

James 1:22 says it this way, "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."  Interested in seeing how this works?  Come and see for yourself. - Pastor Tommy