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Like many older churches in cities everywhere, we are within a neighborhood in transition. This is merely a process from what used to be - to the world in which we minister today.  Barriers and obstacles change without much notice or pity for the people they effect.  Churches struggle to remain relevant - us included.  Since there is no magic potion for this struggle, we looked to see how previous generations have approached change.  We went back to the bible...

In the book of Acts, the church faced some of the same obstacles that we face: poverty, hunger, oppression, violence, and injustice.  If you watch the news - any day - most of this is presented in living color.  Day after day, year after year - we see a world in chaos and pain.  The church in Acts experienced the same thing - only a different context.

So how does this inform us in our mission to bring the saving relationship of Jesus Christ to those outside our walls?  We think the "greening" of the church and political correctness avoids what Jesus taught: personal relationships build personal relationships, which opens the door to trust and credibility.

Since relationships are inherently messy, we know the journey will take us to new places and situations - possibly beyond what we consider comfortable. This is no different than the 1st century church which grew and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  They adapted without betraying their faith.

We at Cloverdale United Methodist Church believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  We want to restart ourselves as a relevant church, venturing where the church again makes disciples for Jesus Christ, but with new approaches to relationships and needs.  Got ideas? We'd love to hear from you!